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From the Guardian: Jason Russell: Kony2012 and the fight for truth

Posted by Simon on March 3, 2013

So much to discuss and learn from this article, but this quote sums up the dilemmas of social media:

“The democratisation of information is both liberating and beautiful and also totally horrifying because it can be built on lies and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. … It wasn’t that there was a plurality of stories out there. There was a multiverse of stories out there. There were so many stories, so many rumours, so many repeated untruths, so many unchecked facts and retweeted opinions, and half-baked half-lies, that the story, let alone the truth, never had a chance. In the brave new world of viral media, and socially mediated information, authoritative news sources are just another voice fighting to be heard.


2 Responses to “From the Guardian: Jason Russell: Kony2012 and the fight for truth”

  1. Marilyn said

    Wow – what an interesting article. Really makes you think about this world of tweets and 15 second fame. Thanks for posting.

    • Simon said

      Yes, so much to discuss here, Marilyn. I know there are many benefits of public, social, media, but I’ve rarely seen something that’s both meaningful and ‘viral’ that hasn’t attracted the most poisonous of commentary. And whenever I’ve known someone involved in something that’s hit the headlines, the reporting almost always contains a number of inaccuracies, misinterpretations or ‘unfortunately twists’ of almost every aspect of the person or situation – even in reputable outlets. It really makes one wonder how and where we can find and discern the reality.

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