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30 Day Project completed! And just starting!

Posted by Simon on April 30, 2010

I raise my hat to Andrew Wicklander. If you remember, David Sivers gave away an idea. Andrew Dubbers took it and created 30 ideas in 30 days and gave them away. Andrew Wicklander took one of those ideas, recruited a support team, and said he’d execute it 30 days after Dubbers submitted his last idea. And he did!

And here it is:

He had to learn Ruby on Rails to do it, and used his support team for resources, ideas and feedback (I was next to useless in this front, to be honest) and get it done by Apr 30th. And he did! If you want a project manager, I recommend Andrew. That’s his business. He’s a man of his word, he acknowledges what he knows and what he doesn’t know, he sets boundaries and accountabilities and holds people to them (with grace and candor), and he taps the resources he needs to achieve his goal! Congratulations Andrew. What a great inspiration!

Watch the video on site for more background and how the site works. I’ve added a 30-day project (see here for the idea; I know, need to simplify it). And now I have to do it. My obligation starts today & if I don’t keep up with doing something every day, the project becomes inactive, and is then deleted within a week! You can watch my progress here. When I complete an item you’ll see a link to what it was.

Oh boy, that does it. Now I’m accountable. Here goes.


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