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First Follower music and image

Posted by Simon on April 15, 2010

I’ve been a little slack keeping up with my fellow First Followers. We’re down to about 6 now, the other 5 having fallen off the blogging wagon.

Anyway, tonight I took some time to find out what they’ve been doing. Not all have kicked off their 30-day projects. But check these wonderful artists out!

Deb Walsh is a musician. Her project is to put a new musical idea on her website,, every day for 30 days. Most of her creations are piano instrumentals. Here’s a lovely vocal piece created in the context of remembering with a gratitude a year since her mom had a stroke:

April 4bydtwalsh

Cheryl Sterling, is a quilt artist (Sterling fibrearts) based in Chicago. She’s taking photos every day for 30 days and putting them on her blog I LOVE this photo from Day 4! As she comments, “I needed a little help getting ready for tomorrows photo, so I called in a few favors.”!

Cheryl Sterling 30-Day project Day 4

Both these artists took me out of my immediate busy-ness and pre-occupation. I thank God for artists!


One Response to “First Follower music and image”

  1. Thanks Simon. I’m having fun doing my project. I get to be me (goofy), learn to use my camera, and participate in a creative project. Win.

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