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I want pebbles in my shower

Posted by Simon on March 19, 2010

The next 8 ideas from Andrew Dubber include a couple I love. An online tape for one person – a 45min mp3 of songs that deletes off the server as soon as it’s downloaded; and a tray of pebbles to stand on in the shower! Photo by Josh Simerman

Suddenly, just thinking about it makes me feel like I’m in Hawaii.

I’m busier than a busy thing wearing busy clothes in Busyville, so the thought of executing a project in 30 days on top of what I’m already committed to is a little daunting. So, I need to choose something that will make-faster/better whatever I’m already doing.

Andrew Wicklander, who is the First Follower of Andrew Dubbers, and who invited us to join him, has already started building idea number 5 (a 30-day calendar tool).

I’d misunderstood the goal, thinking that we’d all execute that one project together, but no, that’d be easy. We observe and help and support but WE have to come up with our own project to execute in 30 days, one of Dubber’s or one of our own.

Anyway, here are ideas 9 to 16:
09: Recordings in Concert
Acoustics and recorded music: People to turn up to a concert hall, sit down, and listen to a record. Listening experience would be curated and explained track by track by the person or people responsible for the recording. Then, after the concert, everyone would be handed a CD copy of the music they’ve just heard.
10: Vinyl scanner: exactly what it sounds like, convert vinyl to mp3 file with a flatbed scanner.
11: Photo Stack-and-Scan: It’s a photo scanner. It scans standard, everyday ordinary prints. You stack them in a box at the back of the machine. You press Go. You leave for work.
12: A Box of Cool: A subscription-based, home-delivered regular package full of things that are undeniably ‘cool’. (e.g. a high quality print magazine that you may not have come across before; a 180g vinyl reissue of an underappreciated recording like Leroy Vinnegar’s Glass of Water; a DVD of a film you probably haven’t seen, but should; a miniature taster bottle of a single malt scotch…)
13: Karaoke-Tube Celebstar Idol: Sing -> Mix -> YouTube
14: I Made You A Tape: Two 30- or 45-minute ‘tapes’ (i.e. several songs on one mp3), with liner notes, for one person. ‘Tape’ & original songs are deleted off the server when downloaded by the person. It only exists for them.
15: Newspaper download codes: < what it sounds like
16: Pebble Splash: It’s a tray. It has pebbles in it. You put it in the shower. You stand on it!


One Response to “I want pebbles in my shower”

  1. Kate said

    I want a box of cool. Please.

    Not so sure about pebbles in the shower. What happens if (when) I drop the soap? Does it get lost amongst the pebbles? And are the pebbles little flies amongst the hair spiders? Can you clean the pebbles with regular shower cleaner, or do you need something special? Do you have to clean them individually, or does it happen en masse?

    And yet… standing on pebbles sounds kinda cool too…

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