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First Follower – 8 ideas – What to do?

Posted by Simon on March 11, 2010

A quick recap: Derek Sivers -> Andrew Dubber -> Andrew Wicklander -> me & 11 others.
Or, look at it like this (which took 20 mins on

One of the 12 (12? interesting number), DJ Phillips, helpfully summarized the 8 ideas that Andrew D has come up with so far (which I’ve copied below, thanks DJ!). And our intrepid leader, Andrew W, has already jumped on Number 5! I think he’d fail the marshmallow test.

Anyway, take a look below for the summary of the idea (a 30 Day Calendar), and on Dubber’s blog for the detail. What would you pick? I’ve yet to figure out what my role will be on this, but I’m still in the game.

1 – Keymash: It would be a computer program that detects when multiple keys are pressed at once (as when a baby mashes the keyboard) and immediately puts the computer to sleep with a baby-placating screensaver.

2 – Radio Alert: essentially Google Alerts for the radio. You would enter whatever it is you are interested in and the program would alert you when it is mentioned in a radio program.

3 – Only Famous: This idea is for a romantic comedy movie script. The protagonist creates a reality show around an average person taking the whole “famous for being famous” thing to its most literal extreme. And then of course they fall in love and yada, yada, yada.

4 – Modularized Podcasts: splitting radio programs/ podcasts into their sections (news, interviews, weather, reviews, etc.) and then re-packaging them to one’s liking.

5 – 30 day calendar: This idea centers around a blank 30-day template to use for motivational and goal-achieving purposes.

6 – SpringCleanr: a computer program that helps keep your hard drive organized and clutter-free by regularly (upon a customizable schedule) prompting you to “Keep It”, “Chuck It”, “Archive It” or “Action It”.

7 – Street Graffiti Gallery App: This is an idea for a mobile device application that will provide gallery/artist information for graffiti artist.

8 – Coded Business Card: a business card with a bar code that would provide all of your relevant and editable information.


4 Responses to “First Follower – 8 ideas – What to do?”

  1. Kate said

    I like most of these ideas. Please to implement. Thank you.

  2. Jocelyn Davis said

    I want the SpringCleaner. Why hasn’t anyone already done this? I would totally buy such software.

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