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Dancing with Strangers

Posted by Simon on February 19, 2010

I’ve just committed to collaborate on a project with a guy (No. 2) I’ve never met and bunch of other strangers.

Guy No. 2 is going to pick the project from a guy (No. 1) he’s never met.

Guy No. 1 will think of 30 project ideas in 30 days.

Guy No. 2 will pick ONE of those 30 ideas then we bunch of strangers will have 30 days to execute the project.

My minimum commitment is to blog once a week about it.

For the background: read this, this, and watch this:

[Update: I switched the numbers around, I originally called the guy I’m following No. 1 but he’s second and I’m third, or five hundred, who knows].


3 Responses to “Dancing with Strangers”

  1. Brent Clark said

    Ahem. I must say. All this dancing. It’s all rather American Simon. Could you not do it the English way: make a cup of tea, have some one else make a cup of tea, moan a bit, moan a bit more, do nothing, drink beer, fall over.

  2. “The first follower created leadership by following the lone nut”. That is classic. Thanks for posting this video. It was an awesome way at looking at leadership. I need to start finding nuts and stop being the nut.

    • sifowler said

      Thanks Terrence. Yes, that’s exactly the quote that jumped out at me … how the first follower turns a nut into a leader! Of course he/she really could be a nut, so it’s not an unqualified ideal!

      It’s great to be making your acquaintance on #lrnchat!

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