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Stranger music making begins!

Posted by Simon on February 25, 2010

So my decision and request to join the First Follower Dance Party was accepted! With a nice welcome email from Andrew Wicklander (Guy No. 2). So I’m now part of this:

If you don’t follow the links on my first post you’ll need to know that Andrew is the First Follower of Andrew Dubber who was the First Follower of Derek Sivers who first spoke about the dance party at TED. Not exactly sure why Andrew W isn’t Second Follower.

Theresa, another person I don’t know, is helping him set up the infrastructure for the unknown project. Project management is through basecamphq so I can already see what’s what Andrew and Theresa are doing.

I already have a sense of ‘we’ since I’ve logged into basecamp, seen my name amongst others.

An ongoing curiosity I have about life is the relationship between authority and freedom, structure and randomness, planning and spontaneity. This project already has all those elements so I’ll hope to reflect on that over the coming weeks. The workplace learning field (in which I work) is wrestling with those elements too.

I’m learning how to blog as I go along. There is an art to it methinks. We’ll see how I do.


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Dancing with Strangers

Posted by Simon on February 19, 2010

I’ve just committed to collaborate on a project with a guy (No. 2) I’ve never met and bunch of other strangers.

Guy No. 2 is going to pick the project from a guy (No. 1) he’s never met.

Guy No. 1 will think of 30 project ideas in 30 days.

Guy No. 2 will pick ONE of those 30 ideas then we bunch of strangers will have 30 days to execute the project.

My minimum commitment is to blog once a week about it.

For the background: read this, this, and watch this:

[Update: I switched the numbers around, I originally called the guy I’m following No. 1 but he’s second and I’m third, or five hundred, who knows].

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